Benefits of EcoTherm Polyurethane Spray Foam

There are many benefits to choosing Polyurethane Spray Foam to insulate your building.

  • Insulation

    Retains heat in winter and keeps the roof space cooler in the summer - no freezing pipes.

  • High Thermal Efficiency

    Low bulk means you can achieve higher insulation with thinner layers - ideal for spaces where there is not much room.

  • Prevents Airborn Dust and Debris

    Your roof space not so dirty as the polyurethane forms an air tight barrier that prevents debris being caught beneath the tiles or slates and falling into your loft space.

  • Eliminates condensation

    Closed Cell Polyurethane is completely sealed, Water or water vapour cannot penetrate it.

  • Stabilises the Roof Structure

    Reduces maintenance costs long term (slipping slates and tiles, underpointing problems, and nail fatigue)

  • Saves on Heating Bills

    Needless to say but the superior insulation afforded by polyurethane spray will make a noticeable difference to your heating bills during the winter months.

  • 100% Roof Cover

    Fits into odd shapes, spaces and corners to give 100% cover

  • Fine Finish

    Can be plastered over for a fine finish

  • Noise Reduction

    The thick layer of polyurethane dampens sound enormously. If you live in a home with traffic or aircraft noise nearby you will most definitely notice the difference.

  • Extended roof life

    All of the benefits listed so far mean that your roof will last longer and not fail so easily.

  • No Decomposing Rock Wool

    Old style insulation can produce is not very friendly. Anyone who has had to fit rock wool knows how it traps dirt and dust and produces little fibres that pollute a roof environment.