Icynene Roof Foam Installation Process

1. Contact Us

You can use the form on this website, send us an email at info@therma-bond.com or call us during normal office hours on 0800 5 999 311.

2. Survey

We will arrange for one of our surveyors to call round at a convenient time for you, to assess the work required, and to explain the whole process

3. Quotation

We will provide a written quotation for you to decide if you want the work to be done. It will give you an idea of the kind of energy savings that you can expect.

4. Preparation

From experience we know roof spaces are rarely completely clear. As long as our installers can access the underside of the roof then we can prepare the surface and carefully protect any items left in the roof space.

5. Spray Installation

The spray process is relatively quick and can be completed within a single day. The work area will be left as we found it. Polyurethane does not decompose so there will be no ‘dust’ or other debris. Your roof space will be a much cleaner place as it creates a barrier against wind born dirt and dust.

6. Energy Savings

The heat insulation properties of closed cell polyurethane are exceptional. You will notice the difference immediately. Click the image above for full details.

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