Stonebond Driveways

For Driveways, Patios, Paths and More

Stonebond is designed for driveways, patios and paths and can also be installed in conservatories, entrance lobbies and on steps.
The Stonebond system is a unique combination of natural stone chippings and specialised resins, bonded together to create a solid surface which results in is highly decorative driveways, as well as being extremely tough and durable. Stonebond is quickly and easily installed with minimum disruption. As this is an overlay system, no major groundwork is required.  Stonebond is not just for driveways, and can also be used around hot tubs and pools to give a great new look. Borders and inlaid patterns are available.

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    Surfaces must be clean, dry and sound before application of Block Sealer. General grime, oils, laitence, curing agents, dust and loose materials must be removed. The use of commercial degreasing solutions will assist in the removal of oils and greases. Prepared paving should be re-grouted with sand complying with BS6717 or BS6677. Remove sand remaining on the surface before applying Block Sealer.


    Application of fungicidal solution is recommended where organic growth is present. Remove moss and weeds before treating. The use of high pressure water jetting is especially effective where large areas are involved. Ensure adequate time is allowed for the surface to dry thoroughly.


    Applied using neoprene foam squeegee to the prepared surface. Spread evenly and work well into joints. Do not allow puddles of the product to remain on the surface. Do not apply when rain is imminent. Normally the surface will dry in 30 mins at 20┬░C with good airflow. However, complete evaporation of solvent may take longer depending on penetration of the product. Allow 2-3 hours before allowing foot traffic. Avoid parking cars on treated surfaces for a least 24 hours.