Icynene Roof Insulation

EcoTherm insulate and stabilise roofs using polyurethane foam spray. The insulating spray foam is applied directly to the underside of the slates and tiles inside a loft or attic so that it covers the battens, but not the joists and rafters.

  • Saves energy by insulating your home
  • Stops leaking roofs and keeps your roof space dry
  • Prevents tiles slipping and nails working loose
  • Strengthens the roof by bonding the tiles or slates
  • Protects against high winds
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Insulation – Strength – Protection

The Benefits of Icynene Insulating Roof Foam

Polyurethane spray foam roof insulation is the most cost and energy efficient system you can install. Recent research indicates that poor standard insulation still results in a 40% heat loss through the roof of any residential property. Roofs insulated with the Polyurethane spray foam will reduce heating bills by up to 25% per year.



Polyurethane spray foam guarantees a warmer property in winter and a cooler property in summer providing greater energy efficiency and comfort



Polyurethane spray foam creates a stronger more stable roof due to the high strength to weight ratio. It adds only 2kg for every m² of foam sprayed at a thickness of 50mm.



Polyurethane spray foam significantly reduces the amount wind driven dust blowing into the loft space and eliminates nearly all condensation that can damage the timbers.

Safety & Effectiveness Guaranteed

Safety Standards

Approved to British Standard Accreditations and FAA (Fire) ratings

Fire Safety

Provides for Class 0 (Zero) and Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame.

Build Regulations

Meets Part L Building Regulation Standards Amended October 2012


Polyurethane spray foam comes with 10 year guarantee, but will almost certainly outlast the life of the roof.

Protect Your Roof & Save on Energy Costs


Closed cell polyurethane creates a strong thermal barrier.

Polyurethane Foam

Saves on the cost of heating your home. Prevents heat loss during the winter and radiation from hot tiles in the summer.

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Increase the structural integrity of your roof. Application bonds the tiles or slates together.

A Stronger Roof

Prevents tiles coming loose, protects against nail corrosion, Prevents rain, snow, moisture and damp penetrating the roof cavity.

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Stabilises Your Roof & Prevents Leaks

The polyurethane spray can be applied directly to the undersides of tiles and slates.  This helps to bond them together and prevents tiles of slates coming loose.  It also creates a very effective waterproof barrier in addition to the exceptional insulating properties of the closed cell polyurethane.

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