Andura Exterior Coating

Andura Sil W is a high performance, silicone resin based coating designed to provide a water-repellent finish, which is extremely breathable and durable. Andura-Sil W is particularly effective when applied to new cement renders and silicone resin based renders requiring redecoration.


Andura-Sil W is formulated utilising a silicone based resin which reacts to form a durable three-dimensional structure of Silicone & Oxygen atoms. This chemical structure results in the formation of
water repellent groups in the coating film which prevent the ingress of water, yet allows high levels of moisture to migrate from the substrate through the coating, keeping the walls dry.
Andura-Sil W is ideal for coating structures where an especially high level of ‘breathability’ is required in order to prevent a build-up of moisture from internal sources.
Andura-Sil W can be used for the re-decoration of silicone render finishes whilst maintaining the inherent moisture vapour and water resistance properties.


The water repellency properties of this coating reduce dirt accumulation from atmospheric contaminants. During wet weather, the rain drops are repelled off the surface of the coating, effectively washing dirt away during the process. This keeps the coating cleaner for much longer than traditional masonry coatings.

Mould Resistant

Moist areas are much more prone to organic growth than dry areas. The silicone coating keeps the walls drier for much longer than those coated in conventional masonry coatings, resulting in a much less
suitable environment for micro-organisms to thrive.

  • Hydrophobic, yet highly breathable, prolonging the life of the property
  • Self-cleaning
  • Water based, low odour, low VOC & environmentally friendly
  • Extremely resistant to UV radiation – highly
  • Excellent bonding to most mineral substrates
  • Mould resistant