Icynene Foam Energy Savings

The “u” value of a material indicates the level of “u” loss, which is how much heat is escaping through your roof. A lower “u” value means less heat loss. Normally, the thicker the insulating material then the lower the “u” value (less heat is lost).

A “u” value of 2 is a good standard level of insulation and is expected in all new developments. This would be a provided by just a 10cm layer of polyurethane foam. We can install layers of up to 16cm that provide a “u” value of 0.13, the equivalent of half a meter thickness of the old fashioned rock wool.

Energy Saving Chart

Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer

Polyurethane Foam

The thickness of closed cell polyurethane is built up from either direct application to the underside of the tiles or slates or the boards to which they are nailed. A thickness of up to 16cm can be achieved in a single application.

The “u” values for polyurethane foam thickness

13cm Thick
10cm Thick
7cm Thick

Comparison with Other Insulating Materials

300% more effective than Rock Wool
220% more effective than Cellular Glass
200% more effective than Cork
180% more effective than Mineral Fibre
160% more effective than Polystyrene