Icynene Foam Spraying

As you can see from this short training video, once the roof or wall has been properly prepared, then the installation process is relatively quick.

Health & safety concerns are a priority and the proper breather and body protection must be worn at all times during application.


Environmental Benefits

An independent review of the impact of thermal insulation on global warming and the potential savings in carbon dioxide emissions was published recently in ‘Thermal Insulation and its Role in Carbon Dioxide Reduction.’ It highlighted three significant findings:

  1. Thermal insulation can play a key role in the cost effective reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in Europe and save up to 350million tonnes per year.
  2. Retrofitting of un-insulated or poorly-insulated properties will make the largest contribution to carbon dioxide savings. The governments of EU member states with average carbon dioxide emission rates above 0.5kg/Wh for power generation should prioritise retrofit programmes.
  3. Insulation materials that can be most easily and efficiently retrofitted should also be a priority.

Closed Cell Polyurethane

Polyurethane Foam Spray is sprayed directly onto the surface where it bonds. Besides being an excellent insulator, closed cell polyurethane foam is also very effective at preventing condensation on metal roofs. The high density foam bonds and holds tiles and slates in place: creating a seal to keep wind driven rain and draughts out; conserving the heat energy within the roof